Our Strategy

Building a strong capital network for UMD.

Based on what the founders in our program need, we supply it. For those who need help executing, we provide skilled, in-house talent to fill that need. For established teams who just need capital and our network, we’ve got your back as well.

Our Thesis

we invest in meticulous founders.

By leveraging UMD resources, we can find and build high quality startups that are overlooked by other investors. Our position in the ecosystem gives us proprietary deal flow and understanding of our investment opportunities.

Founders must have achieved or have clear & attainable pathway to product market fit.

On top of product market fit we look at scalability, defensibility, & superior user experience.

Our Pipeline

venture deal sourcing methodology.

UMD Dingman Center, Startup shell, Startup Village, & MTech programs.

301 Ventures is partnering with these organizations to ensure the development of quality companies that stay in the UMD community for the long term.

Our place in the ecosystem.

Dingman sparks ideas, Startup Shell cultivates companies, 301 Ventures grows them, and Startup Village keeps them in the community. This is our formula for making UMD an entrepreneurship powerhouse.


Our Mission

We're looking for UMD's Next Big Idea.
Is it yours?

We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to big problems. We’ve got the team, mentors, & network to build great companies. We’d love to partner with you! Feel free to apply or reachout to our team directly if you have any questions.

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