About us

The faces of 301 Ventures.

Meet our talented team of UMD techies,
creatives & mentors. Join us!

Our Leadership

a committed leadership team.

Andrew Wills

managing Partner

New Market Ventures

Dan Stern

managing Partner

Jet.com, Acquicore

Ben Dayanim

Gen. Partner

NextGen Venture Partners, U of MD

Ray Joyce

Gen. Partner

Greenspring Assoc, Patriot Capital, Camden Partners

Our Deal Team

a skilled, on the ground team.

Timothy Baker

venture associate

Richard Kong

venture associate

Sharon Rosenblum

venture associate

Malik Sulieman

venture associate

Taylor Joyce

venture associate

Daniel Dore

venture associate

Our Technology Team

Focused on cutting-edge technologies.

Akash Magoon

venture associate

AWS, Bloomberg, various startups

Our Advisors

industry veterans who ensure we out-perform.

Picking ideas that are a perfect fit for 301 Ventures is hard. We understand that. So to ensure we make the right decisions we’ve surrounded ourselves with entreprenurial experts who’ve been there and back. Veterans with a track record of knowing EXACTLY what to look for in those moments where we may not.

Elana Fine

Managing director @dingman center

Jason Cohen

CEO @halen Brands

Ian Nabb

VP @camden partners

Charlie Pinto

fndr @fundamental ventures

Matt Fishlinger

Fndr @Gramercy Risk Holdings, LLC